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AGM 2023 Proposal: New Goalkeeping Jersey for CCFC teams

Posted: 06 Nov 2023, 13:40
by ClaptonCFC
Proposal for a new CCFC home Goalkeeper kit, previously voted for in 2022.

Why it needs to be done:

As part of the intellectual property dispute which forced us to change our home outfield kit, a new goalkeeper kit was also chosen, but as the shirt's colours were deemed too similar to the new home kit, the design was shelved. The current home goalkeeper shirts do not follow the same the design as the home outfield kit, and are also earlier rage productions, whose sizings are not inclusive, poor material in adverse conditions as well as years worth of use/high temperature washes causing discolouration and shrinking. The designer of our newest outfield kit has provided a design which matches the outfield kit but keeps the same colours of the current GK kit avoiding any clashes.

Risks involved:

Relatively low financial risk as initially we'd only ask for shirts to cover the 6 adult CCFC teams.

Risks by not doing it:

There have been several complaints already about sizing issues. Players will perform at their best while feeling comfortable in their kit.

Financial implications:

Cost of production. Potentially offset by future sales if proved popular.

Responsible for action:

Merch/Finance committee


Hopefully before the end of the current 23/24 season, if not at the start of the 24/24 season.

Proposed by CS, PG, JF, RP, DA