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AGM 2023 Proposal: Third Kit for W1T/ M1T - Footballing reasons

Posted: 06 Nov 2023, 13:37
by ClaptonCFC
The club football teams play in red/ white black at home and purple/ yellow/ red away from home.

There have been matches when the combination of kits actually clashes with the opposition who would be wearing a red combination and this has been commented by the referee and officials.

It is proposed that to progress through the pyramid the club should have a stand alone third kit that uses colours away from currently being used and can be used by teams to combate kit clashes.

It is proposed that this kit is not made available for purchase so there is no liability on merchandise to add sales/ packaging/ postage to their already long list.

The kit will be a mirror of the first kit or away kit in colours not previously worn.

The kit would be provided for M1T/ W1T to negate kit clashes.

Proposal by League Liaison Committee