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Donation of scarves for OSD fundraising?

Posted: 29 Oct 2019, 14:22
by jackgg
I still have around 100 Clapton scarves which are paid for (covered by the sales of the 1st 200) and I would like to donate them to the club to sell, maybe for the OSD works? Would be for merch/OSD committee to decide - I don’t know if we even need to raise funds for OSD but I assume so.

The reason I suggest is because they’re the ones that have OSD on them. Pic below.

I’m happy to drop them off at the ground or they can be picked up from me (E17) by car (the box is quite big & heavy). If someone from either committee could DM me that’d be great. To be honest I don’t have the space to store them any more anyway & I’d rather not chuck them out.