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Could our keeper's shirts cause offence in Leipzig?

Posted: 14 May 2019, 19:23
by dowdinsk
A while ago one of our Twitter followers pointed out that the design that became the keeper's shirt has our red, white and black colours in the same vertical order as the black, white, and red tricolour that was the national flag of Nazi Germany 1933-35 ... 80%931945)

Our Twitter account slapped that down fairly mercilessly at the time. Fair enough, we play in London. Should we be taking those shirts to Leipzig though?

Fash fanmob of 1. FC Lok Leipzig with a variation on the Reichskriegsflagge:

Nazi march in Dortmund, 25/5/2019:

Edit 10/08/2019:
Oh well then, hopefully it didn't, and doesn't…