Planning the future of the Old Spotted Dog Ground

Please come to the members' organising meeting on Monday 30 September at 7,30pm

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Planning the future of the Old Spotted Dog Ground

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A quick update on where we are: Star Pubs & Bars (Heineken's property arm) is seeking to persuade Zombie Clapton to remove its "fixtures and fittings" from the Old Spotted Dog Ground as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, it has asked us for details of our lawyers to crack on with lease negotiations - we are currently looking for commercial property solicitors that are affordable.

Much of what follows on from this will depend on the actual state of the ground and one of our members, a chartered surveyor, has stepped forward to conduct a detailed survey for us for free. We are just waiting for a suitable time for the security company protecting the OSD to allow access.

This Monday is the CCFC members' open organising meeting (check for email for details) and then we have a public meeting on Wednesday 15 October to present our ideas and to listen to what local people would like to see happen with the ground.

This Monday is about practicalities and here are a few ideas to consider:
  • leafleting the streets around the OSD to encourage people to attend
  • putting out an open call for community groups to say they want to work with us and what activities they may want to undertake at a revitalised OSD.
  • putting together an OSD working group to make sure the variety of tasks that need completing are delivered.
  • putting out a call to CCFC members to see who would like to serve as a director of the new Old Spotted Dog Ground Trust, our subsidiary company.
  • putting out a call to members for particular skills they have that can help with the restoration of the OSD
  • drafting a detailed set of drawings of the site and buildings so we know what we are working with and where we can improve.
There's probably loads more - but please come along and join this discussion on Monday
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