AGM 2022 Proposal: Option to pay membership via direct debit

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AGM 2022 Proposal: Option to pay membership via direct debit

Post by ClaptonCFC »

Members are the lifeblood of the club. Unfortunately there is a regular churn of members, some of which is just down to members missing the email reminder to go and make another payment, going to junk mail etc, rather than actively opting out.

Direct debits are a common way for many people to pay annual or monthly bills and we should offer members the opportunity to pay this way and not worry about losing their membership.

We could still ask members annually/periodically to confirm that they still wish to be a member, so we would still be confident that members still actively wish to be a member. And members could still pay annually if they wish as they do now if they prefer.

There are positive financial implications - we could retain more members and therefore their membership fee - however it also removes the faff.

The membership committee, in liaison with the comms committee and possibly finance, would need to sort this. A good time to switch might be January 2023 to give time to get in place.
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Re: AGM 2022 Proposal: Option to pay membership via direct debit

Post by Copwatcher »

n principle, I have no objections to this, but we currently pay £400 a year to Membermojo so it's also worth considering this when looking for a new membership platform. We have stuck with Membermojo in the past because it is cheap and reliable.

White Fuse offers direct debit (through Go Cardless, who we already have an account with) - but it costs £1548 a year for 2000 contacts.

WebCollect has an antique-looking interface but can collect direct debit payments and is less expensive at £780 per year for 1500-2500 members

Beyond this, others like SheepCRM are £3K+ a year.

The Membership Committee needs to think carefully about whether the benefits and ability, in practice, to secure more renewals outweigh the additional costs.
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