AGM 2022 Proposal: Open Access Committee formation

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AGM 2022 Proposal: Open Access Committee formation

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Please see below an AGM Proposal put forward by myself on behalf of a group of Open Access participants. The idea has come about relatively last minute but has the confirmed support of 20 Open Access participants. This proposal will be developed further in advance of the AGM.

Open Access is CCFC's open training for women and non-binary players. It has been running for over 2 years and has seen 150+ players take part. We have fielded 4 5-a-side teams to the Super 5s league, allowed others to progress into the women's development team and have attracted new volunteers to the Club and OSD.

Open Access trains every Saturday morning and organises and participates in fundraising tournaments and 11-a-side games.

At the moment, most of the organisation is done by two individuals and we would like to make Open Access more sustainable as it grows.

What the ask is: an Open Access committee

Why it needs to be done: to try and spread the load of organising and managing open access, to grow and develop the group by organising more 11-a-sides and tournaments, establish support structures, socials, and increasing numbers attending.

Where would it fit in the club's structure: alongside men's and women's teams committees to represent Open Access interests in the club.

The risks of doing it: uptake in the roles, ensuring continuity/no burden falls on specific people.

The risks of not doing it: sustainability of Open Access, lack of representation at club level, too much pressure on Julie/Ellie.

Any finance implications: currently none other than the Open Access costs as already budgeted for by CCFC (continuing pitch hire). Hopefully we can increase open access participation numbers and bring in more money for the club through subs. In the future we may want to consider looking for an astro/3G pitch hire (we currently play on a polymeric rubber pitch) which could lead to increased costs in the future. However there will be the possibility to apply for specific grants for the group as it will become a more defined entity.

Who: a committee made up of current Open Access members.

Anticipated roles: safeguarding/wellbeing, D&I finance, operations (equipment/training pitch) match organisers, social, secretary/comms - to be voted on and agreed by current Open Access participants in the WhatsApp group.

When it needs to be done or a timeline: no specific deadline, but would be good to work towards establishing the committee early 2023. Would involve a voting process amongst the Open Access group to:
1) agree roles
2) put forward nominations
3) determine committee members.

Please let me know if you have any questions or any further considerations to develop in advance of the AGM.
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Re: AGM 2022 Proposal: Open Access Committee formation

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Unless I'm mistaken, the club already voted this committee into existence back in March 2020 (at the time, referring to it as the "Access for Women" committee, spinning it off from the Development Committee).

Sounds like we're just talking about formalising the way this committee works (and adopting a more appropriate name), and making sure there's appropriate support from the wider club :)

Everything for this committee to run (allocated budgets, etc.) ought to already be in place.
Perhaps this highlights a need to increase visibility about what committees operate within the club?
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