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Re: Welcome!

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Re: Welcome!

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Igor wrote: 26 Sep 2018, 22:10 Hi all! I'm Igor and I am here until ccfc/rsl half/half scarf. Thank u.
Behave yourself [mention]Igor[/mention] !
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Re: Welcome!

Post by Legs »

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Re: Welcome!

Post by HempForVictory »

Hi All,
Taiwan Expat (Adam) here I'd like to officially get the Asian branch of Clapton supporters together. I might be the only member for a while but you never know. Back over Christmas looking forward to a few games.

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Re: Welcome!

Post by Gary »

Hi All! Come on Clapton, greetings from Hungary!

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Re: Welcome!

Post by Geefunk »

Great to have a forum. So excited about this club. Such an antidote to the PL and now championship mega bucks merry go round.

Thanks for putting the magic back into football

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Re: Welcome!

Post by Cruz636 »

Hello everyone from from florida. Its great to be a member of this club. 😎

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Re: Welcome!

Post by soundofmusic »

Morning, and greetings from Austria!

CCFC was topic in whole Europes news, cause of your story and and the antifaschist trikots.

Go on, win, set standards! Proud to be member!

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Re: Welcome!

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Just saying Hi! Hi! Glyn :D

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Re: Welcome!

Post by moneen07 »

Hello from montreal canada
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