AGM PROPOSAL: Evolving the Membership Committee

This is a proposal for the club's annual general meeting on 6 December.

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AGM PROPOSAL: Evolving the Membership Committee

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New Membership Committee By: Tommaso Catalucci

To evolve the Membership working group to the Membership Committee to:
- actively promote the social cohesion of CCFC fans and members,
- proactively plan/organise/facilitate social events for CCFC fans and members - at the OSD and elsewhere,
- consider new types of membership for young members and for teenagers,
- expand on the vote that players should become members

The following proposal is for Membership Committee to now take responsibility for creating more ways for members to engage with the club and between each other, helping strengthen their feeling of ownership and involvement, reinforcing the message of the ethos of the club.

In the past years the audience and the membership of CCFC changed massively due to various factors which changed the approach to the day to day life in the club, the perception of what the club is and the match day experience.

There is always a need to strengthen the social bonds between members, fans and players and this would be beneficial in refocusing the aims of the Club on social aspects, reinforcing the values of the Club among members, sociality and potentially atmosphere at games.

The proposal is for a long term plan to expand the activities of the club beyond the football activities and to create a series of initiatives and events and to put the basis for a fans group based on the example of "fanprojekts".

The club will benefit massively from a more cohesive fans base membership: more people will be up for becoming active members in a welcoming environment; there will be more chances to expand the network of groups, associations, partners; the atmosphere at games will benefit from a friendlier organic creation of relationships.

The purchase of the OSD and the future availability of a physical space to call "home" are going to be extremely helpful in achieving the goals of this group.

Social events: The evolved membership committee would try to make the most of the space available at the OSD and the growing number of CCFC fans to arrange and facilitate social events. At home games, away games, and in between, examples of this could include:

Matchdays: Pre-match initiatives, pre game drinks home or away, drinks/bbq at the home ground, music, social lunches, raffles, post match gig/dj in local pubs or clubhouse

Outside Matchdays: Screenings, meetups, facilitating the creation of local supporters groups?, general socials, gigs/dj nights, talks

At the clubhouse: Socials, watching football events, gigs/dj nights, screenings, talks, hosted events.

Facilitate meetings of committees / working groups / supporters groups. For all of the different types of events it could be possible to find collectives, associations, groups who could support us/who we could support.

Young Members

Parallel to the new remits and goals of the membership committee, it would be an important move forward to create a new membership tier. The first step would be creating a new tier of membership ("Young Person Membership"?) priced £5 as per concession, which will help us identify the young members of the club.

A member active in running Young Tons proposed we send a special members pack to the young members. Stickers and other material (posters? Little booklets?) are the best way to engage with the age group. Weekly emails don't seem to be successful as most of them will be read by adults. The proposal was to send a monthly booklet/flyer with a special design to update the young members of what happens around the club.

More activities can be planned with and for the Young Members once the new tier will be created based on the success of the new initiative.

Players Membership

At the last general meeting the club held on 20th February 2020 a proposal by Sukhdev was presented to get all players across the different teams to sign up as members.

This would have an impact on different aspects of the club:
- The players will have to accept the accountability agreement and adhere to the ethos and the values of the club.
- The players will have a chance to be more involved and have a say in all aspects of running the club through votes and general meetings.
- The players will participate more in running the club volunteering in different committees as any other member.
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